BODY AND BORDERS #2 Heart of a Dog 20 mars – 12 april

BODY AND BORDERS #2 Heart of a Dog 20 mars – 12 april

BODY AND BORDERS #2 Heart of a Dog
by Kulikovska-Shabo Group

20 mars – 12 april

Vernissage & Artist-talk 19.00 fre 20 mars.

Kulikovska-Shabo Group is a vow and collaboration between two women artists, Maria Kulikovskaya and Jaqueline Shabo. They met trough an international exchange between Swedish and Ukrainian artists the summer of 2013 organized by RUTA RUNA. The idea of a collaboration and project trough marriage was sprung from Maria and the invitation ofcreating a bridge trough the system was accepted by the fellow artist Jaqueline. The action was a starting point when dealing with the shared subjects of the artists as well as sharing visions of networking and breaking borders, within ourselves at first and then eventually globally. Their shared and individual stories is one of many others regarding crossing the official/system’s borders and dealing with oppressions of any kind.

Body And Borders
#2 Heart of a Dog

”Body and Borders” is an evolving plattform which accommodates ideas, stories, memories, visions and discussions in relation to the subjective and collective body. We learn from the past, accept the present and work towards a shared vision of equality, sustainability and non-economic growth without sugar-coating the truth. The multiple stories reflects upon the levels of misery and happiness, revealing privileged positions between countries, between unions and within national borders. Trough culture we believe that human experiences, emotions, oppression and knowledge are shared in order to give tools and understanding. We all need to expand and understand the periphery.
”Heart of a Dog” refers to the fantastic novel written by Mikhail Bulgakov, which takes place in 1924 Moscow where a prominent professor performs an experiment on a stray dog ”Sharik” by giving him human testicles and hypophysis which turns him into a primitive human being. ”Sharik”, when turned into a ”human”, changed his name and refused the attempts of education and etiquette, rules of behavior in society and morality from the professor and his colleague, disputing it was all remnants of the bourgeois and argued that they should all behave ’naturally’. Soon he joined forces with workers from the State and influenced by their ideas he started to perform vicious acts to his surroundings in an attempt to implement the learned ideology with a naiv approach based on an aggressions from within.
Every story has several sides.
Reflected upon society, placed in whatever country and nuanced system of today, ideas of liberation, intensions and power in the ’wrong’ hands may lead to increased suffering and stagnation. Centralized power dictating over several lives shows the duality on a collective level, where power and capital is globalized but not the opinion and beingness of people. The multiple stories is a reflection on todays violence, confusion and misguided aggression which splits people and widens the already existing gaps due to material, economical, political and ideological reasons as well as alienation in all its forms.

Open Call

The first project of «Body & Borders» shows video works of women artists from different countries, working with such topics as: Body, Women Position and Rights, Human Life, Own Identity, Feminism, Sexism, Racism or other forms of discrimination, Power, Power’s Systems, Memory, History, War, Death and Borders. The video works are presented in shared TV-monitors in a separate room, an exhibition within the exhibition. Linking the idea of the female artists intension of building bridges, actions of solidarity and networking between women.

The participating artists are:

Anna Naduda – The Shell
Bahareh Mirhadi – And then Tomorrow  /
Elin Magnusson- Act On Instinct  /
Frida Sandström – Desktop Activism  /
Henna Inkinen – Suicidal Tendencies  /
Loes Degener – She left
Maria Norrman – Millenium Star  /
Mika Ela – Scene (Performance documentation)
Mimi Kelly – Loin of Loam  /
Oksana Chepelyk – Face to Face
Salome Kokoladze – Eurydice of Today
Stine Wexelsen Goksøyr – Skine and Bones  /
Vida MEHRI – My Fingers Grew and stuck to the asphalt of the street


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Maria Kulikovskaya

Jaqueline Shabo