Mitt i en mening [EN]

Mitt i en mening

Feb 24 – March 18
Opening February 24,  7-10 pm
Performance and artist talk at 8 pm (be on time, it starts exactly on the hour)
Opening hours during the period: Tues-Sat 12-4 pm

Within the name Mitt i en mening (In the middle of a sentence / meaning ) Stina Pettersson shows some of her separat works from 2008 to 2015 together in one exhibition: installations, booklets, posters and performance.

In all of her work she uses both text as material, and as the standing point of the piece.

Earlier she worked with sculpture and video, and you can see the continuation of working with space and movement in her work with text. She often uses repetition to find a shape and to create a rhythm. Her interest lies within what´s in the margin between two different shapes, fields, places or conditions. She tries to find the one spot where something transforms to something else.

In Mitt i en mening, she shows among others the piece Tappad plats – Ruderatmarkens funna flora (2015). This work is made as a classical botanical poster with plants picked at a so called Wasteland or Sloap (Space left over in planning). A Wasteland in a city is a place which has been used by man, but no longer has any special purpose. It can be a favorable place for plants and animals that don’t exist together in any other environment. It can also result in actions by mankind that there aren’t any other place for in society. The poster says something about what we value and who decides what’s valuable. And about the importance of finding a place were you are able to grow and to feel safe.

Stina Petterssons try to capture fragmentation of the communication made through time and space between the writer and the reader, and to give shape of the shifting in the text that is made thru time. The pieces seek to find the untold stories that runs next to the stories we get to hear. The pieces could also be an attempt to, by using text, to communicate what the text fail to say, an attempt to reach someone else within a language that fail to fulfill the things that aims to be said.

Stina Pettersson finished her MFA from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, today she lives and works in Göteborg.