Verkligheten – ”The reality”

Our main building

Our main building


Winter and spring 2017

Jan 20 – Feb 11 – Elin Magnusson
Feb 24 – March 18Stina Pettersson
March 30, cure 7.30pm – Performance with Nico Vascellari

May 5 – 26 – Hanna Una Holmquist
May 18 – A presentation about Kaj Franklin



About Verkligheten

VERKLIGHETEN in Umeå, Sweden, is a non commercial art space, managed by a board of artists since 2001. Our platform has a broad vision and encourages experiments and new initiatives. We make room for both unestablished and the established, the local and international, and all the diversity it offers.
This approach gives ultimate freedom for our artists – invited or having applied with a project. It widens perpectives and gives the visitors the vital nourishment needed. To empower the public even further, we also stage talks and host seminars about art and the world in which we live – The Reality.

During exhibitions: we are open Tuesday – Saturday 12-4 pm.
Entrence is FREE, unless a specific event says otherwise. Thanks to our funders, all workers, including artist, also gets decent pay for their respective work, journeys, etc.

Apply to Verkligheten

You are welcome to apply with exhibition proposals, lectures, screenings etc. As an individual, as a group, as an artist or as anything you want. Please write a summary of your idea and add some work samples. Send your application as a PDF to info (at) verkligheten . net (is it large – more than 3 mb – please use a file sharing service, such as Dropbox or similar).
Or send proposals with regular mail (no returns):
Galleri Verkligheten, Pilgatan 16, 90331 Umeå, Sweden.

Twice a year the board looks through applications. We look forward to receiving your application! (currently no deadline for applications)



Verkligheten has funding from Swedish Arts Council, Umeå Municipality and Region Västerbotten. This secures a solid foundation for a regular program during 9 months, each year. Thus, we can have free entrance and invite/accept applicants and go along with interesting collaborations, without having to use the strict commersialistic point of view upon deciding the program. Nor do we take any provision on artworks sold on behalf of our artists. We are grateful to be in this position, and proud to be able to give a decent pay for all exhibitors/lecturers. For their work, transport of their works, overnight stays and their journeys.



We are deeply concerned about the situation of the world, which is also one reason why we managed a whole festival about it – Survival Kit – see below. Except for keeping up a dialogue by doing exhibits and lectures, we strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, in order to do as less harm as possible to the planet.
All waste is kept to a minimum and sorted for recycling. Travelling on a national level is done primarily by train and bus. Only long distances is by flight. Local transports are first hand by bike, our own or a bike delivery service.
Verkligheten is a small organisation, but every step counts! So we enourage you, and your organization, to follow us towards a more sustainable world.

The board members of Verkligheten

Gerd Aurell, Fanny Carinasdotter, Ida Hansson, Mattias Olofsson, Clarissa Siimes, Mia Rogersdotter Olofsson, Alexander Svartvatten, and Helena Wikström

survival_kit-logo-transparantSurvival Kit, 2012-2014

Where are we heading? What are the conditions of survival for our region and the world at large? What are the struggles and what kind of strategies do we need for survival?

Verkligheten have, between 2010-2014, had an active exchange with the contemporary art scene – artists and institutions in Riga, Latvia. Due to the harsh realities in Latvia brought by the economical crisis in 2007, an artistic response initiated by LCCA formed the Latvian Survival Kit in 2009. Our ongoing collaboration has resulted in exhibitions, curatorial visits and public talks being held at Verkligheten by Latvian Artists, and in Latvia by Swedish artists from the Västerbotten Region. We held our first joint workshop in Sigulda, Latvia in September 2012 and our second took place in Västerbotten in September 2013. During 2014, Verkligheten held a large festival in Umeå – Survival Kit Festival – inspired by the Latvian Survival Kit. It was a huge success!

For further information about the festival, visit: