The Commons, Resistance & peripheral collectives

During this year, Verkligheten continues in the direction pointed out in 2014 – the year when Umeå was appointed the Cultural Capital of Europe. We are looking at connections between environmental movements, city planning, local commitment and art. We aim to focus as spaces of freedom – areas still to be kept away from conventions and streamlining.
Examples of if can be found in acts of resistance in the inlands of our own region or in collectives working in the periphery, combining artistic creation with utopian thinking.

The ideal hub for this kind of activity is our own back yard. During the festival that we organized during 2014 – Survival Kit – our yard transformed into a green oasis from a stiff asphalted area. Our ramschakled shed was reformed into something different where we had presentations, food workshops and a visually appealing pantry – all because of ideas, dreams and the work Umeå Pantry. Much had happened in this area before, and has happened afterwards. We are steadily continuing on that path during 2017!

Gylleboverket @Verkligheten
Gylleboverket hjälper Verkligheten att bygga pizzaugn.


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If you havn’nt seen it yet, come check it out! It is growing with time as we receive more stuff from artists. How it works? See something nice – pay the artist directly via Swish and show your receipt to an office worker at Verkligheten.
If you are an artist, you can sell your stuff in our shop for up to 500SEK (we take no provision fees). You need a Swish-number in order to receive payments directly from your customer, or a phone number so that customers can contact you for your bank-account-number.[/vc_column_text]

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